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Which days of the week will my course be on? 

If you're enrolling in a Certificate III in Micro Business course the you can find course intakes and down-loadable timetables by visiting the Certificate III Micro Business information page.

If you have a question regarding your course timetable you should contact our admissions team immediately on (07) 3221 9142

Where will my course be run?

We offer our courses at a range of locations across Queensland.

Am I eligible for Government funded training?

To find out if you're eligible for Government funded training courses through the Queensland VET Investment program, visit our online eligibility test.

What's a USI?

In January 2015, the Commonwealth Government introduced Unique Student Identifier. Every individual who completes nationally accredited training in Australia is required to obtain and provide a USI to their training provider.

I'd like to download a copy of the Student Handbook.

Student Handbook

How do I apply for Recognition of Prior Learning? 

We offer students recognition for their prior skills, learning and achievements. If you feel as though you're eligible for a credit towards your qualification with Computer Training Australia, visit our Course Crediting page.

Who can help me plan my career path?

We're here to help you plan a career path. Contact our experienced career advisors today on:

More Questions?

Contact us today to speak to a career advisor.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 October 2016

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